Internet Stick CS 10 - Message settings

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Message settings

To define the message settings, select



To request the network to send you a delivery report of the text
messages you have sent (network service) by default, in

Short messages


, select the

Request a delivery report.


To select how sent messages are handled on receiving devices (if the
devices support this setting), in

Short messages (SMS)

, select



the desired option. If you select

[0] Screen

, the sent message is displayed

on the receiving device but not saved in it. If you select

[1] Phone


, the message is saved in the receiving device. If you select


SIM card

, the message is saved on the SIM card of the receiving device.

If you select

[3] Default

, the message is saved in the default location

defined in the receiving device. If you select

No class

, the CS-10 device

does not use any specific service class for sending text messages.

To select how long the message centre resends your message if the first
attempt fails (network service), in

Short messages (SMS)

, select



and the desired option. If the message cannot be sent within the

period, the message is deleted from the message centre.

To enter the phone number of the message centre that delivers your text
messages, select

Service center

, and enter the phone number you have

obtained from your service provider. By default, the CS-10 device uses
the message centre of the service provider whose connection profile you
use for the connection.

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